THE Online Noni Testimonial Resource
By Pia Rozzi

WOW what a discovery!!
In May 2001 my son in law introduced me to noni. At that time I was suffering from severe Arthritis. My hands were beginning to cripple, my hip gave me excruciating pain which lead to many sleepless nights. My doctor would prescribe various drugs to ease my pain but they always made me sick, I was a mess.
My first week drinking noni was amazing. I began bending my fingers, moving around quicker, the pain I learned to live with was subsiding. I had so much energy. I started to feel young again. It was like a whole new lease of life.
Over the next couple months I began to notice other things changing, my blood pressure which was normally very high was normal again, my circulation improved dramatically, my cholesterol was normal, the varicose veins on my legs were fading and my energy level was still very high, I felt wonderful.
Noni has changed my life and also my husbands life. He is 72 years old and I am now 65 years old, we love life and live everyday to the fullest because we can. We will never stop drinking noni. This is Gods gift to all of us.

Bile Duct Disease (PSC) Walter Payton''''s Disease
By Lucinda Dee

My name is Lucinda, and I live in VT. I have been drinking Noni juice since May of 1998. I had severe chronic fatigue, and had tried many supplements but nothing worked. When I started drinking Noni juice, I noticed after 2 weeks a little bit of energy, and then after drinking 2 ounces a day for 4 weeks, I had all sorts of energy. I am greatful that I had been drinking Noni juice, because a year later, I was given an answer to why I had such bad chronic fatigue. I was diagnosed with a rare bile duct disease called Primary Schlarosing Cholongitis, or Walter Paytons Disease. The doctors told me that I would need a liver transplant in a year or less. Because of the seriousness of my condition, I increased my Noni juice from 4 ounces to 10 ounces a day. I got amazing results within a week. It has been over 3 years since I was told about the disease. My Alkaline Phosphatate level is almost a high normal, and my energy level is great. The doctors are amazed at how well I am doing, and I no longer need to be put on a list for a liver transplant. This is amazing because a liver transplant was the only answer they had for this disease. I am so glad Noni juice found its way into my life.
Extra notation: It is March 2002, and for the last two years my regular maintaince amount of noni juice I drink each day is 15 ounces.

Brain Damage
By Jerrv Martin

I have been a victim of brain damage due to two serious automobile accidents. I was also a guinea pig at the atomic test sites in Nevada in 1957.

On February 3, 1997, I began taking Noni Juice because I felt it might help with some of the numerous problems I was having with my health. Some of these challenges are: pain in my feet, loss of balance, tic on the right side of my face, pain in the testicles, pain in right groin, floaters in my eyes, ringing in my ears, and a need for a cane to walk.

Within 10 to 20 minutes after taking my first does of Noni my eyes cleared, and I could think more clearly which made it much easier for me to talk. The evening of the first day the floaters in my eyes were diminished. Next morning the ringing in my ears was less, and by evening were almost completely gone.

These symptoms vary in intensity from day to day but are gradually becoming less and less. I did some walking without my cane this morning. My temper was more manageable, and I was able to type for 2 hours without my glasses.

3rd dlay: I walked without my cane all day but took it along with me as I didn't know how long I would last. Had some pain as the spine and hips have been under stress from using the cane for so long, and now had stress from not using the cane.

4th day: I continue to improve, and my temper is almost a thing of the past.

5th day:: Sunday. I testified at Church by running down the center aisle. I ran for the first time in 20 years! The Church was in total shock as they didn't know what to expect, and I made a flare out of things.

The tic in the right side of my face is lessening very slowly; the pain in testicles and groin is still there but not as often, and sharp pain in my feet is considerably less.

I'm not sure when all of these things started taking place as my wife and I were overwhehned by the fact that I was able to walk without my cane!

My wife started on Noni Juice the first part of January, with the minimal amount shown on the bottle (1 oz.) or 2 tbsp. per day. She began feeling somewhat better, but she has so many allergies and medical problems, that two days before I began on the product she doubled and tripled her dosage per day.

Now she is feeling much better and has more energy. Her sinus condition is clearing, and we are waiting to see more changes occurring in her health.

We are extremely excited about what has happened to our health in the past few weeks because of this incredible Morinda Citrifolia (Noni Juice) that we are sharing it day in and day out with all of our friends and acquaintances.

Everyone wants to try some after seeing what it has done for us, and we are ordering more juice and seeing "hurting" people as well as those who wish to stay healthy every day. It is such a joy to share our good fortune. Our lives are truly being blessed, and we are looking for other lives to bless also.

We thank God every day for leading us to this marvelous product from French Polynesia.

Jerrv Martin. 2-13-97

Breast Cancer
By Diana Morrell

My name is Diana Morrell. I am 56 years old. On December 23rd 1994 I heard the words that every woman fears. "From all the indications it appears you have breast cancer. As soon as Christmas is over we will have to do a biopsy to be sure."

I don’t need to tell you that Christmas was not a happy time that year. On Dec. 27th I had the biopsy and it came back positive. Fortunately I had a wonderful young doctor who advised me to have a lumpectomy and chemotherapy. Thus saving me the further trauma of loosing my breast. On January 7th I learned that the cancer was in my lymph nodes. I went ahead and endured chemotherapy. Yes all my hair fell out and it was a very difficult time.

During this time I took lots of vitamins minerals and even used the mushroom tea that was so popular at that time. Another problem that I had was depression. Many factors caused this and I was finally given Zoloft to help me snap out of my poor state of mind. I know you are asking, "Why didn’t she just take Noni juice?" If you will look at the dates you will see that Noni was not available to the general public at that time.

It wasn’t until November 1996 that a good friend of mine, Jacqueline Miller, called and told me about Noni. Always one to try anything I feel will help my health I immediately bought a bottle. Within a few weeks I noticed I was feeling better but it took a couple of months for me to realize that it was the Noni that was making the difference. My doctors are amazed at how well I have done the last few years and how well my blood count has gone back to normal. I also was able to get off the Zoloft two years ago and have never felt the need to go back on. I’m now sure that I could have gotten off sooner but things were going so well that I was afraid to change anything.

I am now in my last six months before I get to that infamous five-year mark. I am doing great and all my blood work indicates that everything is normal. I would be lying if I told you that I don’t worry about the cancer coming back but everyday cancer free is another step away from that fear. I plan to take Noni for the rest of my life.

-Diana Morrell

Breast Cancer
By Emma Polk

I was suffering with Stage IV metastasized breast cancer (large tumors throughout both breasts, liver, spine, pelvic bones). When diagnosed, it was to late for a mastectomy and I was given little hope of even partial remission. My CA2729 (a blood test for cancer cells) was 2760 - normal is 30.

After 28 high-dose radiation treatments and 5 months of high-dose chemotherapy, the large open lesion on my right breast had not healed, my CA2729 was only down to 1200 the cancer in my bones were no smaller, and the cancer in my liver was actually larger. The side effects of the treatments made me so ill that I was completely incapacitated.

Then one of the patients in my oncologist's office told me about the Noni juice. He had suffered from leukemia for several years, and not even chemotherapy had been able to keep his white count out of the danger zone. Within a couple months of drinking the Noni juice, his white count stabilized and has stayed there for 2 years. Upon hearing his story I started on the Juice immediately.

I was amazed at what happened after my next chemo session. With previous sessions, I had been too ill to do anything for 2-3 weeks. But after being on the Juice for less than 1 month, I was only tired for 1 day. Within days I felt better and was more active than I had been since months before I was diagnosed!

The follow-up tests showed ALL cancers were significantly smaller; the liver tumors were probably just dead cancer tissue, and the malignant lesions on my bones were composed of scierotic tissue (a byproduct of healing). And most of all my CA2729 count had dropped to 327!

My next tests showed that all the abnormalities had shrunken still more. My CA2729 had dropped to 247.

My seventh chemo session a month later had no adverse effects at all, and even with maximum-dose chemotherapy, my white blood cell count tested normal, my hair was beginning to grow back, and I had more energy and stamina than ever.

At my 3-month checkup the scans showed the scar tissue in the cancerous areas were continuing to shrink, and my doctor said there was no sign of active malignancy. My CA2729 is approaching normal - it's in the 100's now. My doctor says that my recovery is nothing short of miraculous, as he did not expect me to be alive at this point! He said, "Emma, all you need to do is keep doing what you have been doing." Of course he means drinking Noni Juice!

Emma Polk

Breast Cancer - Surgical Incision & Radiation Damage
By Inez Strnad

About two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I felt that I had excellent doctors and that they did everything they possibly could to help me. However, I was not healing up from the radiation treatment.

Approximately a year after my last radiation treatment I still had not healed. The incision was still swollen, very uncomfortable, and the skin was in terrible shape. I had lung damage and suffered from radiation pneumonia, and I had two ribs that were badly burned. I could not get healed to the point where it was comfortable to wear tight clothing, pick up my grandchildren, or get a hug from anyone.

My radiologist told me that I had received enough chemotherapy that my immune system probably wasn't back to par and that was the reason that it was taking so long to heal. He told me that sometimes it can take a year or two, or even longer, for people to heal completely from the radiation treatment. I went home pretty demoralized.

Shortly after that a friend called and told me about Noni. I began taking Noni and the first thing that I noticed was an immediate surge of energy.

After I had been taking Noni for about three weeks, I woke up at about two o'clock one morning, and the whole area where the surgery had been done was tingling and burning and was very uncomfortable. I was frightened. I thought that I was getting the cancer back again. I woke my husband up to tell him what was happening, and he said, "I'll bet that's the Noni starting to work."

The next day it did feel better, and within three weeks you could hardly tell that I had received radiation. The rib damage is gone, and I can hug anybody that I want to. I can wear clothing comfortably again and my skin has healed to the point where you cannot even tell where I was worked on.

One of the technicians at my doctor's office told me that she has seen the healing process take as long as seven years for the type of radiation treatments I had. It's a miracle to me. We are real sold on Noni!

Inez Strnad

Breast Cancer II
By Valerie Schuler

Date - May 30, 2000

I am writing this testimony that the Noni juice has helped me a great deal.

I am a 45 yr. old woman who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer on August 9, 1999. At that time, I was given only chemo treatment of 8 cycles. I did have complete hair loss, which was very upsetting. Also, I had many problems with my blood. My white count was always crashing. Ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 causing me to have toreceive Procrit shots. My red count was also very low ranging from .04 to .06 also causing me to receive blood transfusions and Neu-pogen shots.

I had a radical mastectomy on March 10, 2000. This is when my family members told me about the Noni juice. My sister gave me a sample to try. My Mother bought me a bottle for Easter of this year.

I have been taking the Noni Juice faithfully everyday since Easter. The results are unbelievable.

I am once again receiving chemo treatments for the second time around. In April of 2000, my white count reached 7.7 and in May of 2000 my white count reached 9.4 which is terrific. Also, my red count is in the normal reach. I do not need any blood transfusions or anytype of shots for my white or red count.

The chemo drug, Taxol, which I'm being given, causes your hair to fall out after the first treatment or up to 14-21 days.

On June 12,2000 I will be receiving my last Taxoltreatment. All during this time I did not suffer any hair loss and have all my hair. My doctor's find this very odd. As for a good reason, I will not tell my doctor's about the Noni Juice until all my treatments are completed.

Also, my two big toenails on my right and left foot fell off due to receiving chemo. Since taking the Noni, they are growing back very nicely.

I would highly recommend the Noni juice to anyone. It is really amazing how it works.

Valerie Schuler

Breast, Spine and Colon Cancer Disappears When I Increased to One Quart Per Day!"
By Susan Smith

My name is Susan Smith, I live in Houston, Texas, and I'm 49 years old. Last April I was diagnosed with breast cancer and immediately underwent a mastectomy.

A couple of months later, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to my spine and colon, as well as the discovery of a large tumor on my right kidney. I immediately underwent two weeks of chemotherapy, but because of the debilitating side effects, the doctor decided to discontinue that particular type of chemotherapy.

He asked that I make an appointment to come back into his office for more testing and he would make the determination as to the type of chemotherapy I should get on. My appointment was made for ten days from then.

In the meantime, a friend of mine contacted me and had just heard about Noni Juice.

She really wanted me to start on it immediately, explaining everything that it could do for me. I was willing to try anything and figured I had nothing to lose at this point.

I started chugging the juice over the next ten days, drinking several bottles during that period. The first two days I drank a cup each day, but didn't feel any different. For the next several days I drank a 32 oz. Bottle each day, and the results were incredible.

I felt so much better and had more strength and stamina than I remember having in a long time. On the tenth day (early part of August, 1997), I went back to the hospital for the required testing and then headed over for the doctor's office. The hospital had immediately sent the results to the doctor via the computer, so by the time I got there he was aware of the outcome of the testing already.

When he came in to see me, he had the strangest look on his face. I felt I was doomed and he was going to tell me that I only had three weeks to live. What he said was that the testing showed no signs of cancer, and only a small spot on my right kidney, which was probably nothing more than a cyst at that point. We were both so taken by surprise, I still have problems believing it!

I am still under the doctors' care, but I have gone back to working a 30-hour week and have my strength back. When I first went back to work, I got out of the habit of taking the juice and starting going downhill really fast. I realized what had happened, and immediately drank four ounces. The fourth day, I felt great, and have continued to.

I now onlt take two ounces each day for maintenance. I don't ever want to be without this juice, because I truly believe I wouldn't be here writing this testimonial if I hadn't learned about Noni Juice.

Susan Smith

Broken Bones
By Don Fotheringhame Jr.

On September 21, 1996 I was on what I thought was going to be a regular boy scout camping trip. That Saturday morning as we climbed to the top of a two hundred foot cliff I never could have imagined what would happen to me in the following hours, days and months.

As I began my usual training session on do's and don'ts of repelling, we tied off ropes, pulled on gloves and tightened our harnesses. After these preparations I hooked into the rope in the usual manner and began climbing over the edge Once I was over the edge and the rope was laying on the rock I knew it was safe to jump out and down the rocky terrain. It was only about 10-15 feet over the edge of a cliff approximately 200 foot high, that I looked up to see the rope sliding across the rock at the top and cut completely apart. I gasped as the breath left me and pushed off the rock face as hard as I could. I was trying to push off to the other side, as I was over a ravine, and land on the face of the other cliff. I was not able to grab on but instead hit and bounced back and forth until I landed in a crevice and slid about 20 feet where I stopped and blacked out for a short time.

When I opened my eyes and came to, I looked into the eyes of a friend and asked "Am I going to die ?" I became aware that the people there might not be able to get me off the side of the cliff. With an adrenaline rush, I started to climb up the cliff, hooked into another rope, crawling on my hands and knees.

When I got to the top I collapsed and laid there in agony until the rescue team got there. Because of where we were the helicopter could not land. I was loaded onto a pickup which drove me off the mountain and to an ambulance. I was then driven to a field where the helicopter could land and loaded there and taken to the hospital.

My injuries were as follows: The left elbow was cut completely open and exposed, Broken right foot, Broken right and left wrist, broken left pinky finger, broken jaw in two places on the outside near both ears and shattered chin in the front. My lower jaw was dislocated on the right and left and were pushed up into the scull and my right cheek bone under my right eye was broken and had to be wired back together also my right nasal passage was damage. ( I was Lucky!!) I spent the next six days in the hospital and was lucky enough to only have one surgery so far. My mouth was wired shut for 6 weeks and wore the wires and steel bars with heavy duty oral rubber bands on my mouth for another 3 weeks to pull my chin back into place and hold it there with rubber bands. I spent 2 months in a wheel chair and then crutches for a few weeks.

After about 6 weeks a friend called to tell me about a product that might be able to help. I told him that I was having a terrible time getting out of bed and that from the fall my back and other parts of my body were so sore that I just didn't want to even get up.

I told my friend that recovering from this fall that I did was so difficult for my body and all I wanted to do was sleep (partially just to deal with the pain). I would become extremely tired after about 2-4 hours and would have to take a nap. I had absolutely no strength.

When I started the Noni Juice I cut out all the pain medication and everything else I was taking in order to see if the Noni juice would truly help me. I began taking the Noni Juice as soon as I could and didn't notice any real changes the first few days, but on the fifth morning after being on the Noni juice I had a very distinct change. I got out of bed by myself and raised right up! I couldn't believe it was the Noni Juice, but stayed on the product. In fact I increased the doses to two ounce in the morning and two in the evening with a one-ounce dose at lunchtime.

The results I received were incredible. Immediately I was able to stay up all day and sit at the computer and work. I was able to type one finger at a time and began feeling better and better every day. After about a week I was Popping out of bed every morning at 7 am (with no alarm clock) and would not need a nap all day and work until 11-12 p.m. all the time. This is the first part of my experience.

Shortly after this time period I had all the remaining wires bars and rubber bands off of my mouth, but during the process of positioning my chin the doctor noticed that the front of the chin was not closed up. At that time the doctors' instructions were to stay on the liquid diet that I had been on for so long. We were to wait one month to re-examine this area to see if I would need a bone graph to close the chin. I stuck with the Noni Juice and at that next Visit I told the doctor what I was doing before the exam. After the oral exam he told me he was very, very happy with the results and that if we stayed on the liquid diet and continued what I was doing that we probably would not have to do the bone graph at all. To say the least I was elated! I would advise anyone who might be undecided on starting the product to not hesitate one minute.

Burned Skin
By Fred Herman

I burned the back of my left hand in a gasoline fire accident, as I am a mechanic by trade. I set a gas can on fire while working on a pick up truck and grabbed the flaming can and moved it away from the truck to keep the truck from catching fire. When I moved the can it ignited my latex glove on fire and in reflex to the heat on my hand I ripped the glove off and when back to putting out the fire. A few minutes later I noticed wrinkled skin on the back of my hand along with pain from the burn. I ran cool water on it for a while but realized I needed first aid.

I had listened to a tape from a doctor on Noni juice and learned that he treated a burn of his own with Noni so I called my wife to bring me a bottle of Noni juice and gauss to bandage the hand. It took her about 20 minutes to get there. This was a Wednesday. I soaked a gauss pad with Noni juice and placed it on the burn and rapped it up to protect it. The pain went away instantly. I also put on two latex gloves to protect the bandages, only while working, and went back to work. I used an eyedropper to keep the gauss under the bandage wet with Noni for two days and changed the pads and bandages before bed each night. I used a cotton glove with the fingers cut off to protect the bandages and to allow air to the wound.

The blistered skin had reattached itself to the hand by Friday night and all that was there was a 1/4-inch slit where the original torn skin was. By Sunday that slit was gone and all that was wrong was I had a large dark pink spot on the back of my hand and I didn't even need a bandage when I went to bed. If you looked at it now you wouldn't even know I had burned it.

This stuff is amazing! I have burnt myself in the past like this and it was a painful and long healing process. I was completely healed up in less than a week. I praise God and give Him ALL the glory for this wonderful fruit!

Fred Herman

By Jelena

My name is Jelena and I’m 19 Years old. It all started 6 months ago.
In June 2002 I’ve started to cough. At first it was just normal
Coughing which didn’t concern me much but later on I started to
cough up blood which was a bit unusual. I went to the doctor and he
said I had a “Chest Infection” , he gave me some tablets to take and
that was it. Two weeks later I was still coughing up blood, nothing
has changed.
Then one day I came back from school and I couldn’t breath, I had
a pain in my chest and I was running out of breath. My mom took me
to see a local doctor where he thought I had asthma and gave me
puffers to use. It didn’t help. I continued to cough up blood and kept
running out of breath. I was then referred to a specialist and had CT
scans done to see what was really going on. Soon after I was told I
had to have a biopsy for them to see what the problem is.
On 22nd July 2002 I had the biopsy where they cut my neck
(4cm) to take the biopsy. After the operation I couldn’t talk, eat,
drink or do any physical activities. I was giving up on life. I didn’t want
to face anyone, couldn’t get out of bed I was too tired to do
anything. If I was to walk, someone had to walk beside me to help me
keep my balance. I spent 2 weeks in bed crying and praying for my life
to be back to normal. I wanted everything to be back to normal, I
wanted to go school, wanted to see my friends, go dancing and so
on. My parents knew that results from the biopsy were negative and
the operation was not successful because there were no results.
After a while I was referred to see another specialist and do another
biopsy. This time they succeeded.
Soon after that I discovered I had “Hodgkin’s Lymphoma”
which is basically cured as cancer. By then I lost 15kgs and I wasn’t
the same girl my family and friends knew. When the doctor said
“Cancer” I couldn’t believe it. At one stage I didn’t want to be cured.
It was all too much for me, I was 19 and my whole world has turned
up-side-down. There were times where I wanted to kill myself. I didn’t
want to talk to my parents, sister, brother, friends or anyone else.
Besides everything I knew what had to be done was chemotherapy
and there was no way out of this. I was told I will have to get 12
chemotherapy’s. When I first started the chemotherapy I thought I
was going to die. For 2 weeks I didn’t get out of bed, I was going through
a lot of different types of reactions such as migraines, nausea, vomiting, fever,
shaking and going through different moods, and I kept coughing blood up
which was very scary for both me and my family, even the doctor wasn’t sure
why I was coughing up blood. There were times where I was just fine and then
10 minutes later I would just start crying and not even know why I was crying.
I was no longer looking forward to life, everything seems so different. My whole life
changed in just 2 months.

After my 2nd chemotherapy I was getting even worse day by
day. Two days after my second chemotherapy I started to use Noni
Juice. When I first heard about it, I must admit I wasn’t excited
about it. I didn’t believe that a simple juice can change anything or
make me feel any better. MAGICALLY 3 days later I stopped
coughing up blood. That morning I woke up and as every other day my
parents were expecting me to start coughing. From that day
onwards I noticed many other changes as I continued using Noni
Juice. I had more energy, I was happier, I was talking to my parents
and friends which I have been shouting out of my life ever since I have
discovered I had cancer. I noticed the changes myself.
I have now gone through 6 chemotherapy’s and do not need to
go anymore. Thanks to Noni Juice I don’t need to have 12
chemotherapy’s, I only needed 6. I am so thankful for this Noni Juice
and I honestly think it’s God’s Gift To People. I don’t wish upon no one the things
I had to go through. I know I wasn’t much of a believer myself when I started using Noni Juice,
but my parents had faith in it and thankfully I am now better.
I’ve suggested Noni Juice to few people and they have seen changes
themselves. They have seen the great results with this terrific juice (Noni Juice).

Cancer of the Liver
By Anonymous

I had been hesitant to tell my story because it is personal and frankly, a little hard to believe because of the severity of the illness.
I have decided to go ahead and share this with others in hopes that it may help someone else. This is my story and I make no claims of cancer cure or cure of any other disease. A few months ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the Liver. I had had tumors for sometime and they had become much larger. I had made a decision years before that I would not have surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. I was glad I had made that decision. I didn't have to make it now. I began taking Homeopathics, vitamins, herbals and NONI. I took 8-1 oz. of Noni per day. I also changed my diet.
At first, I felt better. After about 3 weeks, I had more pain, swelling and became more concerned. I made an appointment with a doctor in Mexico who has a very good reputation for cancer cures. Upon my arrival, he told me there was no sign of the cancer.
I had been cured, thanks to NONI, Homeopathics and Divine Intervention. This process was no more than two months.
I am grateful to Morinda for bringing this wonderful gift to us.

Cancer of the Throat and Bleeding around My Stoma
By Barbara Anderson

My name is Barbara Anderson, and I am 65 years old. In May of 1995, I was told I had throat cancer. In June, I had a week of chemotherapy for 7 days and 7 nights. I became deadly ill from it, and just about did not make it. After that I had 4 treatments of radiation. My throat swelled up so they performed a tracheotomy so I could breathe. The day after Christmas in 1995, I had a laryngectomy.
I ended up in a nursing home until June of '96. I started taking Noni' Juice in November of '96. From June until November it was very difficult for me to get up and get dressed and to be able to do my daily functions, such as taking care of myself.
Since I began taking 2 ounces of Noni Juice a day I have been able to do those things for myself, and I have also been able to take care of my 3 year old granddaughter, 3 days a week.
I also had a lot of bleeding around my stoma. Each day I put Noni Juice on it and have seen a remarkable difference. I have especially noticed that my energy has greatly increased. I was sick for just about a year and four months.
Since I have been taking Noni daily for about 90 days now, it has changed my life considerably! I thank my son for introducing it to me. I recommend it highly as it has made such a big difference in my daily living. After being sick for so long, it's great to be feeling better and to be back in the Human Race again!

Barbara Anderson

Degenerated Disk
By Maggie Ladlaw

I have an MSc. in nutrition from the University of Guelph, and have a small private practice as a consultant nutritionist. I am extremely excited about the introduction of Noni juice to Canada. I joined the organization on March 5th through an American distributor, and received my first case of Noni Juice last Thursday, March 13th. I have been taking the product for only one week, but already I feel the difference. I have several degenerated discs in my neck, and have tried many different products; in fact, I joined several other network marketing companies in order to try out their products. Some products did increase my energy level somewhat and relieve other minor ailments, but nothing touched my neck discomfort and stiffness. Within one week of Noni Juice use, I have begun to feel a reduction in the tension in my neck, as well as a much greater range of movement. I expect to be completely pain-free in short order, with this exceptional product.

In addition, my energy level, which was already pretty good, has become even better. I am often on the go from 7:00 a.m. (an eight-year-old and ten-year-old start off my day for me!) till 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. and this product seems to be keeping me in top form all day, till my head touches the pillow at night. Both of my parents are elderly, arthritic, and lacking in energy, so I have passed some along to them to try. I am convinced that they will feel the benefits of this unique product.

Yours respectfully,
Maggie Ladlaw, MSc.



Dialysis Patient
By Gladys Hackwell

My husband Melvin is a dialysis patient three times a week with four hour sessions. When he started on the Noni juice he did not have any energy, he did not even feel like eating. The second day he was on the Noni Juice he ate a large breakfast and had more energy. He also had bumps under the skin on his back, plus a rash on his stomach, the rashes disappeared in three days. His dialysis time was reduced 15 minutes after being on the Noni juice two weeks.

Dog can now walk
By Audrey Metcalf

A few weeks ago some people contacted me to help them find a cart that they could use for their dog's hind quarters because he could no longer use his hind legs due to arthritis. They hoped it would help so that he wouldn't have to be put to sleep. I suggested trying Noni Juice to see if it would help, and they agreed to do so. As a result, they haven't needed to buy a cart because their dog can now walk again!

Heart Failer
By Rose Holden

I have this friend, Juanita Kundtz, who has a real bad heart condition. Her doctor told her she would die in three months. She was so weak, had dizziness all the time, could not help herself in any way. She was making plans and told her family they could take whatever they wanted. She thought she was going mentally insane. She kept saying she wanted to die right now. I learned about Noni Juice and did some research on my own. I went over to see her and talk to her about his juice. She was leary about it because it might interfere with her medications. I hadnt gotten my bottle of juice yet in the mail but in the meantime I gave her some Ginkgo for the dizziness and visited her every day. The Ginkgo helped her with the dizziness but she still afraid to take it so when I got the juice. I said, ok lets forget the herb and think about this. You say your going to die. By taking the juice if it didnt work then you lose nothing. But just think if it did work. Wouldnt that be something? She agreed to try the juice still not sure about it working. The first day I gave her two ounces. The nest day, she said she had such a good nights sleep and she was doing chores around the house, got dressed, made her breakfast. I didnt think myself it would work so quickly. I thought give it two weeks at least. I was really surprised myself how quickly it worked. The second day, I went over and she was cleaning the hallway and sweeping the sidewalk. Said, she has been going all day doing things. Said she felt real good and the dizziness stopped, she could feel the juice working regarding the medications side effects. Third day, she wasnt tired all day long. She had so much energy. She walked two blocks. Moved her furniture to clean behind it. She even tells me all the things shes going to do in the near future. I am amazed with the results. I now think she can hold her own and continues to improve. Shes thinking positve, taking it easy and not overdoing it. I am a firm believer in Tahiti Noni Juice. That along with prayer she is doing very well.

High Blood Pressure/ High Cholesterol
By Patricia Chisholm

I am a registered nurse diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol in 1987.My doctor started me on traditional meds. After reading the side effects and experiencing ankles swelling I made a determination to change my life style. For years, my pressure stabilized at 150/90. We monitored my cholesterol each year and it reached 280.
A dear friend introduced me to Noni Juice in 1998.I noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy, joints and allergies. I listened to a tape on high blood pressure by Dr. Pierre and increased the juice from 2oz twice a day to 4oz twice a day. As she suggested I continued my medications. Finally my pressure began to gradually drop until today it's 120/80. My cholesterol dropped to 174 two years ago. After my yearly physical, I just received my lab report and my cholesterol is 174. I cannot tell you how happy I am to share these benefits. I am for ever grateful to my friend Pat Bennett for thinking of me. Noni Juice has saved me from the possibilities of a serious disease.

Ovarian Cancer - It Works
By Luella Sloan

In 1990 they diagnosed me with ovarian cancer, and I had surgery plus chemotherapy in Sioux City, IA. In the fall of 1992, they sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for more surgery plus radiation.
I learned to live with the nausea, the loss of taste, diminished hearing, hair loss, numbness in my feet, the constant checkup and blood tests, the pain in my back and hip, and the bones crumbling from radiation plus treatment for that. Things were going good, my CA 125 factor hadn't lowered, but it didn't increase.
In October of 1996, I developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. I was on oxygen and not responding to treatment. They did a scan and discovered a tumor in the bronchial tube of my left lung and also a spot on my liver.
I couldn't believe this was happening because I had done everything the doctors had told me to do. I didn't want to go through chemo again because it was just too difficult for me. My children were very upset about this decision, so for them I consented to have more treatment.
Three sessions and no change. I now had a home health care nurse twice a week. A care-giver came once a week for my personal needs and to clean my home.
Another checkup showed no improvement, and the recommended a combination of drugs. They were very strong, and after the first session my white count dropped to 400. I had to have a blood transfusion and was isolated in my home.
I was taking vitamins and food supplements but still losing weight, and I had very little energy.
My daughter-in-law Betty found out about Noni juice as I began the 2nd session the last week of January. As I went into this session the doctor thought the tumor was smaller but they couldn't tell for sure. After Ichemo I had to go to the hospital for a shot each day for 8 to 12 days.
Betty thought this would be the ideal time to test Noni. My vitals are checked each day and lab work done twice a week.
Now the good news starts. My white count stayed about 2000 and went up to 3000 by the end of that session of shots. At the Cancer Center on February 26, x-rays showed the tumor had decreased, and my white count had increased to 4000, and the CA125 had lowered 300 points.
The doctor said my blood is in better condition than it has been in the seven years he's known me. He said, "We're on the right track," but he didn't know about Noni juice. He doesn't think I need vitamins, but they have helped to build bone mass back in my spine.
The only difference in treatment is the Noni juice.
My blood pressure has continued to go lower, and I have less pain. We told my medical doctor about Noni juice and showed him the record of my progress. He approved and has reduced my blood pressure medication.
Betty noticed that my color is better and that I'm standing up straighter, also that my head and hands don't shake as much. I'm very happy because for the first time since my colon surgery that I can eat anything I want and still have a normal bowel movement and no diarrhea.
I'm off oxygen and have let the care-giver go. I cook and bake and take care of myself and my home once again. I am walking to the laundry room to wash my own clothes again.

Thank God for Noni juice and an understanding doctor.

Luella Sloan, IA - April 1997

Ovarian Cancer, Colon Cancer, Hearing Loss, Leg and Knee Pain, Insomnia
By Carolyn J. Madison

In October 1985, I was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer on the left-side, which had spread into the left colon. I was given 6 weeks to live.
Two chemo treatments put me in a coma for 33 days. In January 1967, I had a total Hysterectomy to remove the remaining tumor and I also underwent bowel restructuring. The chemo and drugs caused great side effects: 73% hearing loss in my left ear, 25% hearing loss in my right ear, loss of all high pitched sounds, a constant ringing and roaring in my left ear, loss of almost all moisture in my eyes, a balance problem, and a problem with standing or walking especially at night.
I had extreme mental, emotional and physical trauma along with numbness in my legs from the knees down, extreme leg pain (severe soreness) and restlessness all the time, but more especially at night. I also had severe insomnia.
The massive amount of corrective surgery to remove the remaining tumor and the total hysterectomy left massive adhesions in my colon and smafl intestines with a problem emptying my bladder plus other things.
In 1987, I began by slow climb to recover my health. I began to research and read much material for help and health. I tried many, many things; all kinds of supplements, etc. some helped a little, some didn't. Although I had changed my diet, because of the extreme amount of adhesions in the small intestine and colon, I was in constant pain (gas pain) and was afraid to eat much.
It has been 11 long years and the pace was so slow but gradually things began to change somewhat for the better. I found out about a wonderful fiber that didn't hurt my colon, which was a great improvement.
But on January 25, 1997, about a month ago, someone told me about Noni Juice!! I started taking 2 tbsp. 3 times a day. About two weeks later, I noticed my legs and feet were not hurting and sore anymore and my right leg and arthritic knee did not hurt. I am 58 years old.
I am starting to have more feeling in my legs and feet and have more strength in them. I am walking up and down stairs without help and my balance is much better now. The noise in my left ear has lessened considerably and I believe there is a slight improvement in my hearing. I am sleeping much better, have a lot more energy and a wonderful feeling of well-being. I am hoping for more improvements!
I am telling people about what I have been doing about feeling better. I am so thankful for this wonderful fruit juice and I thank my heavenly father for creating it and the Morinda company.

Carolyn J. Madison

Prostate Cancer - Liver Cancer
By Dr. Owen Fraser

I am a general Surgeon. My specialty is Cryo Surgery of the Liver. Most of the time when I see the patient they are on the edge of dying unless the surgery works.

I got the Noni Juice after speaking with and reading much about Noni sent to me by Priscilla Salazar Martnez, Steven Shields, and Colene Allen, LMT. Whatever it takes, I want my patients to have a chance for healing.

One patient had Prostate Cancer, NO MORE. One had Liver Cancer, NO MORE. Three were at the end, but the pain was helped by Noni Juice so that they were and are coherent without heavy drugs. All this is less than eight weeks. I am really going to keep working with this Juice and hope that you will see the results too.

Dr. Owen Fraser

Reduction in breast lumps
By Leslie Addison

I am 31 years old and I have been taking Noni Juice now for about 2 weeks. My sister told me about Noni Juice and I didn't really think much of it but I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! The first few days I didn't notice anything but then after about 10 days of taking it, I was doing my usual breast exam and I was absolutely SHOCKED when I discovered that the lumps in my breasts that I have had for the last 5 years have almost completely disappeared! I have been to 3 surgeons and was told that I had more breast tissue than normal. Now after taking the Noni juice, I am moved beyond words. The only thing that I have changed in my diet is Noni juice and that has got to be the only explanation. I am recommending Noni to everyone I know! I am excited to see any other future benefits from Noni!

Several great benefits with noni
By scott tjomson

I'm 53. 6 years ago we discovered Noni through a friend who knew of my wife's 5 year bedridden condition. She was up 1-2 hours per day. Life stank. Our friend called and told us he'd found a natural product that would bless my wife's life. I scoffed when I found out that it was a simple juice put in a vinegar bottle. But my wife was so sick she wanted to try it.

I ordered a 4 pack and after three days at 3-4 ounces a day my wife was up and about and pretty much pain free. Her condition? Costochondritis--hers, a very advanced case of arthritis of the chest cavity. Everything in her chest was infected, her bones, her heart, her muscle, her fatty tissues, etc. The specialists had her on two prescription drugs that did help to a degree in relieving the pain, but the side effects of man-made drugs, kidney and liver deterioration. We are so appreciative for a God-made natural product that has no side effects and that actually works.

After seeing the results my wife received I decided to give it a try for a mild arthritic pain in my right knee. Only through my wife's encouragement did I stay on the product. I am so very grateful now. It took 2 1/2 bottles and 7 1/2 weeks before I noticed no pain. 6 years later, I still have no pain. I discovered that the darn stuff worked.

My wife asked then if I noticed any other improvements. There were several. My insomnia of some 40 years was relieved. I still only slept 5-6 hours a night, but I was much more rested and had energy each morning. My protruding hemorrhoids of 17 years were all but gone. That was a relief. My severe allergies, a rather large variety I might add, were finally under control. I had been taking shots twice a week for 2 years when Noni came my way. I haven't had a shot in 6 years. Again, the Noni worked. Now, I still have allergies, but not 11 months of the year (only 6 weeks or so) and the symptoms are 90% reduced, though I still do have a handful of bad days.

I'm so thankful for this product. It has indeed blessed us far more than ever expected.

Sleep disorder,HP & immune system
By Sandra Ruben

I was sleeping only about 4 and half to 5 hours nightly. The doctor had me scheduled for a sleep study two months down the road. My sister offered Noni to me and by the time I had been on Noni for those two months, I didnt need the sleep study. I had begun to sleep about two hours longer, getting up refreshed and not feeling like I hadnt slept. Also no longer fall asleep at red lights, nor when watching TV or chatting with clients, lol. My blood pressure has dropped 10 pts, which is miraculous for me. Being a smoker, there is not one fall/winter season I dont catch a cold or respiratory virus, nor anything else that is going around. YAHOO!!!! This year I have been virus free-----------Thank You NONI !!!! Oh forgot to mention I have lost 6 pounds-without trying!! Also unheard of in me !