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Allergy, Sleep, Energy, Skin
By Elizabeth Bourque

I have always suffered from pet, pollen, and ragweed allergies. At times, the constant sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, head congestion, irritability, and fatique felt like an evil curse that would never end. I also needed an inhaler for mild asthma that would wake me up in the middle of the night. I had problems with itchy skin and eczema as well. A few years ago, I got a cat as a companion knowing full well of the irritating consequences. Prescription meds didn't work and caused drowsiness. Benedryl gave some relief, but I didn't like the side effects even at low doses...

...And then I met my Prince. I met my fiancee in December 2002 and he gave me a bottle of noni juice when we started getting to know each other. I wasn't drinking enough of the juice at first to make a difference in my health, but when I did some research on the product and the company, I started over with the "loading dose" and noticed changes in just a few weeks. I started falling asleep easier and slept more deeply through the night than I had in a long time. I started to dream again. I wasn't getting tired in the afternoon anymore, and my eczema seemed to be less bothersome after a month or two.

....Now here's the kicker!!! I still have my beloved cat, and we now have 3 dogs as well! After about 3 months of consistently drinking the juice, I noticed that I wasn't having sneezing fits as frequently. I could breathe easier, and I've only used my inhaler 1 or 2 times in the past 8 months. The pine trees outside are releasing big puffs of yellow pollen and all of the trees are flowering around here...and I am happy and healthy and very, very grateful for noni, the gift from God. This fruit has made a tremendous difference in my health. I still notice positive changes in my health as time goes on. Neither of us got sick this winter when everyone else around us had colds, flu, and just felt the winter blahs. Yay to Morinda citrifolia!

Allergy, Asthma and Ulcer ( symptoms helped )
By Ned Castrence

I have been taking Noni Juice since June 2004. Prior to using the juice, I was suffering from Allergy ( ragweed, dust, pollen, mold and cats ). When my allergy goes, my asthma acts up. In July 2004, I went to visit a relative in Florida and I noticed that my symptoms did not come when I was exposed to their cat. I forgot to bring my puffer so I was worried but not once did I sneeze or had itchy eyes. Three months before I was using Noni juice, I was rushed into the hospital because my allergy got so bad that I had an Asthma attack. That was impressive. My son, who suffers from migraine headaches when the barometric pressure is high did not complain about it even if it rained 4 days out of the 8 we spend in Florida back in July. I developed mild ulcer because of stress. I could not eat spicy food for it would send me to the medicine cabinet and drink a bottle of Pepto to relieve the burn. I am happy to say that since drinking the juice, we have been eating hot curry 4 times a week and I have not had any heartburn or discomfort.
It is amazing what this juice can do. With God's blessing and Noni Juice, anything is possible.

By Raymond Pasley

I presently work for a lawn care company and lone behold I've found that I have a real bad allergy to grass and tree pollen. Well after a few years of taking over the counter medicine for the relief I was fed up with the way they made me feel i.e : dizzy, headache, I just felt awful. Well my wife heard of this Noni juice from a co-worker of hers and I read up on it from the literature she brought home. Also after a little bit of convincing on her behalf she convinced me to take Noni. Well to my surprise my allergies were gone in less than 4 days of taking the juice, and I feel so much better.
Thank You Noni :)

Asthma and Diabetes
By Barbara Adelaide

Hi all my name is Barbara I am type 2 Diabetic, also asthmatic. Since I starting on Noni juice two months ago I have not used my asthma puffer, or my machine and my Diabetes has gone down. I have gone from 7 tablets a day to 4 also I have more energy. And I am not taking as many pain killers for arthritis in fact only 2 tablets a day, some days none. I have put my husband on the Noni juice , also my 3 married sons , my Mother, and my Brother. I could have started on Noni juice 1 year ago but I was warey ===== if only I had started then, I will never be out of Noni juice.


Back Pain, Allergies
By marye peterson

I found out about the amazing and ancient fruit from Tahiti when I attended a holistic health fair in Stowe, Vermont in the summer of 1997. Since July 1997, I have been drinking the noni juice daily without missing a day!!! I began by taking 1 oz. for the first 7 days and then began to drink between 2-4 oz. daily. Initially, I was interested in taking the juice to alleviate the back pain that I was still experiencing after my back surgery in June 1994. Right away, I experienced more energy, and I no longer had any more symptoms of constipation nor any more headaches. Within the next three months of taking the noni juice, my back pain was gone, and the seasonal allergies which had plagued me for over fifteen years were no longer plaguing me. I could finally breath freely, talk without sounding like I had a cold (no post-nasal drip), and smell again. Likewise, my food allergies (to tomatoes and strawberries which came about after my back surgery) went away during this time. Within the next year, I also began to detoxify because of the medications that I had taken over the years for my allergies (as well as from the surgery). Though this was not always a pleasant experience, I was patient with the process and drank plenty of hot water daily (64 oz). Also, I increased my dosage of the noni juice during especially difficult times (up to 6-8 oz. daily). As a rule of thumb, for every year that you are not healthy, it takes your body - one month to heal.

Today, I drink between 1-3 oz. daily and I am healthier than I have ever been - no colds/flu's, no back pain, no allergies, no pms, no skin breakouts, no weight gain, and more energy plus, plus, plus. I also take the noni vitamins as well as use the skin and body products too. Many blessings unfold as you begin to experience this awesome and ancient blessing. Try it for yourself, on a consistent basis. Give your body, atleast 90 days, and allow your body to begin to heal naturally.

Bronchial Asthma
By Nancie J. Fleming

My son was diagnosised with having Bronchial Asthma after he had a severe case of the Flu. I took him and had his lungs X-rayed and while at the doctors office he was given a breathing treatment. The Doctor suggested antibiotics, decongestant and steroid therapy for 7 days. I did not want to use the steroids (and had told the Dr. this) but he wrote the script for him anyway. My son has allergies to dust, dirt & mold and we live in Florida where they are abundant in almost every building here. Any time in the past when he got sick we did Noni Juice therapy and got excellent results. When we arrived home I started giving JC a shot glass (1 oz.) of the Noni juice every hour for the next 8 hours (8 oz. the 1st day) The following day we did a Shot glass full every 2 hours giving 6 oz. to his sick lungs.

The 2nd day when JC woke he was breathing and feeling so much better. We continued to give him 1 oz. three times a day for the next few days and his Challenge with the Virus / Asthma was so remarkable. NOTE: I chose Not to give my son the Steroids and used the Noni juice as his therapy. All summer JC has no symptoms of his allergies until he goes back to school then his nose will run and his eyes get red and watery. This year he is drinking 1 oz. of Noni juice as soon as he gets up and has not had the symptoms of the previous years. If he feels a cold coming on we just increase his Noni juice till the symptoms are gone. He is a typical teenager, 15 yrs. old, and cheats on his diet so the extra Noni helps him get thru any challenges with his health.

Child's Chronic Sinusitis
By Kevin and Marcia Dummer

Our son Keenan, who will be ten years old this summer has suffered from Chronic Sinusitis since the age of six. He has tried many numerous medications, allergy testing, and eventually ended with sinus surgery. His symptoms never improved. I was introduced to Noni by a friend which I saw had made a positive affect in her health problems. So we decided to give Noni juice a try for three months. Keenan told us he could tell the difference with in a few weeks. After a year our pediatrician suggested we try taking him off the Noni for awhile and just stay with the medications he was also taking for his sinuses. So after a couple months without Noni our son asked us to purchase the Noni again. He came to us, and we feel his decision as a young child told us the story of how he was truly feeling. We are pleased with the product and would recommend Noni to others.

Pollen Allergies
By Cindy

I have a wonderful testimony about my daughter and allergies and we tried everything from all the Natures Sunshine herbs to Colonics to MD's to lots of Chiropractors and even moved to CO. And the first thing that took it away BINGO, Gone was NONI JUICE, but it took 8 weeks of persistence, Rosalyn (my daughter) had pollen allergies and sat up to sleep in Fl for most of her first 8 years, her hearing was bad and it was a nightmare with her teachers, they were furious at me, thought I should be able to do something and when she got better here in KS after 2 years of school here, her teacher would say well Rosalyn why don't you have allergies and you can hear! She sat at the front of the class and lip read before and what it all boiled down to I believe was a lack of enzyme that Noni provided.

Sinus & Lung Problems, Arthritis, Growing New Hair
By Leland & Alice Strommen

We have noticed several results since we've been taking Noni. Alice: My sinus problems cleared within 3 days of starting Noni Juice and my lungs are much clearer. The cloudy film over my eyes have cleared - a symptom that has been with me for years. It is so wonderful to see clearly again. Whenever I would travel it never seemed to fail that I would get sick upon arriving at my destination, and I would be sick till after I had returned home for several days. I have taken several trips since starting on the Noni Juice and have not gotten sick once! I suffer from arthritis and have been on pain medications for many years. I am now FREE of all pain medication and no longer am in the debilitating pain that I was in before. Leland & Alice: We both feel much better; general well being, more alert mentally, both of our gray hair has gotten darker and Leland is growing new hair at the top of his head! That is exciting for any man. And, we no longer crave sweets! Alice: "I've even lost inches!" Noni Juice is such a blessing to our lives and is such a wonderful product; you should try it too! Sinus Infections, Allergies, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cystic Breast Disease and Pre-Menopausal Symptoms
By Karen J. Carlson, R.N. Doug's cousins in Minnesota introduced us to the Noni in November, 1996. We signed up as autoship distributors and started taking Noni on December 9th . Doug had developed asthma over the past couple years, and has had a long history of severe sinus infections. He also took allergy injections for awhile. (Has always battled with allergies.) He has had difficulty breathing through his nose for YEARS.

The very next day after taking Noni he was able to breathe normally. His wheezing went away. In the early 70's he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. He had been taking 16 Aspirin a day. One of the reasons we moved to Texas was that the heat is better for his joints. The heat helped, but he'd still ache when we had cold or darnp weather. He no longer has aching joints, and his feet aren't "lame" when he first gets up in the morning !!!
In November I scheduled a GYN appointment for January 6th as I was having pre- menopausal systems ... insomnia, irritability, some short term memory loss and other symptoms too embarrassing to mention!!! Since taking Noni, these symptoms have gone away!!! I also have a terrific amount of energy and accomplish more in a day. I have had a surgeon aspirate fluid from cysts in my breasts several times (anywhere from 2cc-10cc withdrawn in a syringe at a time). In March, I noticed that I no longer have lumps (which means no pain!).

My mother has had the same genetic problem. She has developed no new breast cysts since taking Noni, and the "fatty tumors" in her arms have gone down in size. Over the years, I have struggled with mild depression off and on, and also PMS related depression Which is cyclic. I have noticed no depressive symptoms since taking Noni. The greatest side effect of Noni is having more energy and an improved sense of "well being". For this, I am thankful!!! Whether people choose the distributorship so they can purchase Noni at wholesale, take it regularly and just "feel better" or decide to use Morinda as the vehicle to help them with a part-time supplemental income, either is the "right choice" for them because everyone's needs are individualized. Each choice needs to be respected and supported.

As a nurse, I have worked in the medical and psychiatric fields for over 30 years. I believe there is a place for traditional medicine and also alternative medicine. It is exciting to have some endorsement from MDS, as more of them are using ""alternative methods"" of treatment in their medical practices.
Noni fruit and juice have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. I am thankful Noni Juice is now available in the USA and look forward to its introduction to other countries internationally.

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